Kylie Phillips’s path into the world of natural skincare began with a series of life-altering events, leading her from an administrative career to becoming a devoted carer for her family. Her story is one of resilience, driven by personal experiences with sensitive skin conditions, a journey that ultimately led her to the transformative doors of the School of Natural Skincare.

The Prelude to Natural Skincare

Before delving into the realms of formulating natural skincare, Kylie’s life had taken a different trajectory.

“Since I left high school, I fell into administration, until I ended up with an RSI injury. Then after losing my position due to that injury not healing I moved back home, which turned out to be a good thing, because after my dad retired, he got sick. So, I became a carer for my parents.”

Kylie’s daughter’s battle with eczema and her own skin sensitivities sparked a quest for natural remedies. While she was breastfeeding, she noticed a pattern: when her daughter became allergic to something, she would develop the same allergy within months.

In addition, her daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD and ASD, “so there’s a lot of sensitivities there with regards to diet and what goes on the body and into the body.”

Determined to find a solution, she ventured into the world of natural skincare.

“That led me to find somebody who was into making natural products and learning more about tox-free living. And so, I learned a little bit, went online and saw some recipes and things, and then I decided it would be a good idea to actually learn something properly.”

The Quest for Knowledge  

In her pursuit of a solution, Kylie came across the School of Natural Skincare. Enrolling in the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products provided her with a glimpse into the possibilities of formulating natural skincare products.

With an insatiable appetite for knowledge, she continued to the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, immersing herself in the science behind skincare and the alchemy of ingredient blending. Through this journey, she unlocked the secrets of crafting chemical-free, nature-based skincare solutions.

“I really enjoyed all of the science, learning how the skin works to why the skin doesn’t work at times, and getting into learning about all of that was brilliant.”

Soon, it wasn’t long before Kylie discovered the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club; a membership portal packed with learning resources, from courses and classes, to templates and charts, experiments and reports, formulations, guides, video tutorials and more.

“I’ve learned a lot through [the Club] as well with the extra courses, particularly the mini-courses on pricing and product photography. So now I do all of my own photography.”

Unveiling the Practice, Art and Science of Natural Skincare Formulation

The courses ignited a passion within Kylie, empowering her to experiment and create products tailored to her family’s unique needs. The process was not without its challenges, but armed with newfound knowledge, she mastered the art of formulation. Her confidence surged as she fine-tuned products, addressing concerns like eczema, dermatitis, and skin irritations prevalent within her family.

“It’s given me the confidence that I can make these products, that I can experiment. It’s okay if it flops, because that’s how you learn. And if something hasn’t quite gone right, then I’ve been able to then just go back and have that knowledge to be able to review it…. and altering that formulation to then be able to create that product that we really love.”

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Kylie’s journey didn’t just culminate in personal revelations; it ignited an entrepreneurial spark.

Studying at the times she wanted and not being restricted by a set timetable or deadlines worked out perfectly for Kylie, who needed that freedom for health reasons;

“Being somebody that has permanent injuries and two types of arthritis, I needed to find something that I can do at home, that I can set my own hours and work around my body. So, being able to do that, that’s really given me that avenue to be able to now grow into an income stream and hopefully in time be able to support my family using my brand.”

Kylie’s brand, KP Natural Skincare, still in its blossoming stages, has garnered attention at local markets and is progressively expanding online. Through her product range she extends her passion to others seeking natural solutions.

One particular product of interest is Kylie’s Hydrating Body Butter, which has colloidal oatmeal and other ingredients in it to really help hydrate and smooth the skin, especially irritable skin. Hand and Body Lotions, in a range of scents (from strawberries and cream to vanilla) and Foot and Halm Balms, Kylie has developed a number of products that use natural ingredients, to build “a core and solid range”.

Embracing Nature: Kylie Phillips’ Journey into Natural Skincare Education Student success stories

Words of Encouragement for Others Natural Beauty Lovers

Her advice to budding formulators resonates with her journey: embrace education, experiment fearlessly, and seek the knowledge needed to craft solutions. She advocates for perseverance and the resilience to learn from failures, as these are the building blocks of success.

“Absolutely look at the course, because that will give you all the knowledge that you do need to be able to gain that confidence, to be able to make the things for yourself and to be able to find everything that you need ingredients-wise.

Because the course does cover so much internationally, which is fantastic, it’s given me the knowledge to know where to go, how to look for the products, how to look for the ingredients, using the INCI names and things like that rather than the trade names to be able to search them in my location.”

Kylie’s Journey Doesn’t End Here

Her vision extends to making KP Natural Skincare a sustainable income source, balancing familial needs and health considerations. She’s on a trajectory to expand her online presence, diversify her product line, and resonate with a broader audience seeking natural skincare solutions.

“I love that creative process. I love to formulate. And that’s what you need when you’re going forward, especially when you’re getting a little bit older. You really need something that you love to do, something that gives you that passion to get up every day and really enjoy it. My passion for the future is to keep that alive, keep that passion and keep that joy in doing what I do.”

Kylie’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of education, passion, and personal experiences in crafting a brand centered on nature’s remedies. Her commitment to creating natural skincare solutions not only benefits her family but also extends a guiding light to others seeking a natural, chemical-free approach to skincare.

“The whole journey has meant so much to me.”

Kylie is an Inspiration! Could You Do Something Similar?

Kylie’s story shows that it doesn’t always have to be about launching your own brand or selling your own natural skincare products. What comes first is a love for natural skincare and a desire to do something meaningful for yourself which was the single most important factor for Kylie.

Through her healing journey she not only managed to solve many of her own skincare problems (as well as her daughters!) but she was able to help many other people in the process and that got her thinking about the possibility of selling her products. It was the natural next step but what helped her to get to that stage was seeing the difference her products made and the fun and creativity she got out of her passion and hobby for making her own skincare products.

Natural skincare products can do so much for us. They can be a great source of joy, fun and creativity. They can be the catalyst to solving skincare problems and promoting healthy, glowing skin. They can be the start of something much greater – a natural beauty brand that offers the same benefits to other people.

All of this is made possible by learning to formulate your own natural skincare products for yourself and that’s something we make possible with our online courses and programs. We teach [people the professional art, science and practice of natural skincare formulation which sees our students bring their passion and DiY spirit and we bring all of the professional methods, techniques and science. This enables students to go beyond the limitations of DiY products and instead into the realm of professional quality natural products that are ready for sale should they wish to do that. 

We teach students of our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation to create products as if they were doing it for their future brand (or their existing brand). This means that they come out with professional quality products as well as the very essence of their brand identity. This is the best place to start for anyone interested in creating their own complete range of products and it helps them to do so without following other people’s recipes.

Take a look at our website here for more information where you can also download a course prospectus and take a free trial. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us on .



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Embracing Nature: Kylie Phillips’ Journey into Natural Skincare Education Student success stories

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