Lubna Melhem’s path to owning her own natural skincare brand is an inspiring tale of resilience and transformation. An entrepreneur from Tripoli, Lebanon, with an unconventional background in business computer science and HR, Lubna’s journey was set in motion by a life-altering event – a car accident. This accident opened her eyes to the remarkable healing power of natural ingredients and “the power of nature”.

Discovering the School of Natural Skincare


As Lubna embarked on her journey into natural skincare, she felt the need for a better understanding of ingredients and the anatomy of the skin. 

This need led her to the School of Natural Skincare, where she found a wealth of knowledge and resources to nurture her growing passion. Her pursuit wasn’t solely driven by her entrepreneurial spirit; it was about delving deeper into the science and art of natural skincare.

The pivotal point of Lubna’s journey was enrolling in the School of Natural Skincare’s Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation. Her motivation was to create exceptional serums for the face, products that would provide a natural, radiant glow while enhancing the skin’s health. To achieve this, she needed to learn the intricate details of ingredient selection, formulation techniques, and the science behind the products. The course opened up a world of natural skincare possibilities.

Enrolling in the Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation, Lubna learnt everything she needed to know to formulate her own natural, high-performance facial serums and oils from professional cosmetic scientists.

“I enrolled in the advanced serum course because the skin of the face is very sensitive and delicate. So in order to produce a very good serum for the face that gives you the glow and the softness for the skin I have to learn about skin.”

Studying the Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation meant Lubna could learn about skin anatomy, formulating for different skin types; mature and aging, dry, oily and acne-prone skin, sensitive and healthy skin. 

The course also teaches students from around the world about new cutting-edge ingredients like plant oils, esters, botanical extracts, AHAs, BHAs, advanced functional ingredients, vitamins and over 75 active ingredients (that are toning, anti-aging, skin brightening and much more!). 

It is these super-power ingredients that Lubna was attracted to. With a passion for plants and hydrosols, Lubna could advance her knowledge and aptitude. Growing her own plants, she would then “extract from it hydrosols and oils because I know what I’m putting in my products because no chemicals are added to my plants. It’s a trying process, but it’s very beautiful.”

Studying with the School of Natural Skincare

The course at the School of Natural Skincare proved to be an invaluable asset on Lubna’s journey. It offered a structured approach to skincare formulation, covering various aspects, from the ingredients suitable for different skin types to the intricacies of humectants and emulsifiers. Video demonstrations added a practical element to her learning, providing a clear understanding of how to combine ingredients effectively.

“I loved how they categorized each part, like skin for mature skin [etc], and where I can find all the ingredients worldwide. Each session they give to the student, the whole knowledge, the whole package together and the videos… It was amazing.”

The knowledge she gained through the course breathed new life into her passion. It wasn’t just about creating products anymore; it was about creating products that were backed by science, that could truly make a difference for her customers. 

“The quality of [my] products has [gone] to a higher level since I started the course. And the vision of my products and the mindset of how I deliver the product and talk about the product to the customer have changed since I took the course with [the] School of Natural Skincare.”


Advice for Budding Formulators

For those aspiring to venture into the world of natural skincare, Lubna has some valuable advice. She stresses the importance of changing one’s mindset, as it’s the mindset that ultimately shapes the journey; “Always change your mindset. Your mindset is where you are going to reach. Nothing is easy, but you have to work hard for what you dream of”.

Lubna’s story serves as a testament to the fact that hard work, determination, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge can lead to fulfilling one’s dreams.


The Essence of Lubby Lubs

Lubna’s brand, Lubby Lubs, stands for more than just skincare. It represents a commitment to using ingredients she grows herself to ensure quality control. Her products are organic and eco-friendly, packaged in glass containers to minimize the environmental footprint. 

Ultimately, Lubna’s brand is “about anti-aging skincare”: skin brightening face serums with vitamin C for people with hyperpigmentation and dark circles; hyaluronic serums; anti-aging under eye and face creams… “So it’s everything [the customer] needs for the face in anti-aging”.

Lubna’s passion about natural skincare grows every time she receives a call from an elated customer; “When you get a call from your customer telling you, ‘Thank you so much, you saved my life. I have very beautiful skin, that gives you the passion to do more and more and more!” So much so that Lubna is now venturing into products for men like beard oil and balm!

Lubna Melhem's Journey: A Quest for Natural Skincare and Entrepreneurship Student success stories

Looking to the future

Lubna’s vision for Lubby Lubs extends far and wide. Her plan is to make her brand accessible to a global audience, leveraging the power of e-commerce and social media. Lubna’s commitment to her craft, her journey from accident recovery to natural skincare entrepreneur, and her dedication to her vision are a source of inspiration for anyone seeking to make a mark in the world of natural skincare.

In Lubna’s story, we find a reminder that success is not just about creating products but about creating products that resonate with a higher purpose – nurturing and enhancing the skin, leveraging the power of nature, and inspiring customers. As she extends her brand, Lubna Melhem is not just crafting skincare; she’s crafting a legacy.

Lubna Melhem's Journey: A Quest for Natural Skincare and Entrepreneurship Student success stories

Where to start your own natural skincare journey

If you would like to create something similar to Lubna and follow in her footsteps, then the School of Natural Skincare is here to help you! With a portfolio of online courses, online programs and a membership community, covering the entire natural & organic cosmetic spectrum, we have a course, class or program for you!

From beginners courses such as our Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products that teach you to make products by following recipes created by our Cosmetic Scientists to accredited Diploma courses in Skincare Formulation, Haircare Formulation, Makeup Formulation, Soap Formulation and Zero Waste Formulation that teach you how to create your own products from scratch like a professional without following other people’s recipes.

For the more advanced natural cosmetic formulators, you could choose the same course as Lubna, our Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation or become a member of our Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club. This is where you’ll dive into the world of high-performance ingredients, advanced formulation techniques and all manner of topics from formulating natural household cleaning products, creating your own extracts, using bio-fermented ingredients, incorporating probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics in your products…and so much more.

If you have any questions, please email our customer service team at We’re excited to hear from you and to welcome you to our student & graduate community.



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Lubna Melhem's Journey: A Quest for Natural Skincare and Entrepreneurship Student success stories

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