How To Turn Your Passion for Skincare Into a Career Student success stories

Robyn Masters has been in love with skincare products since a very young age and growing up she became intrigued by the beauty industry. After years working in a completely different sector, Robyn’s drive, passion for beauty and love of learning has led to her achieving what she previously thought was impossible – her own natural skincare range.

Working in stores for other skincare brands, Robyn immersed herself in the world of beauty, treating clients to high-end regimes and treatments. 

She attended a workshop run by a cosmetic house she worked for and began to learn more about skin. She began to wonder if it was possible to work in the industry selling her own products rather than someone else’s. 

“Could I expand into this industry and not just sell another company’s products – but produce my own?”

But Robyn didn’t pursue the idea any further, believing that formulating products was a job best left to cosmetic scientists. 

Shortly after this, Robyn began to work in an office. Circumstances took her away from the retail sector, beauty products and cosmetics – but her love of skincare was never far away.

Returning to her passion for natural skincare

Years later, Robyn returned to her passion for skincare. She began experimenting at home, making bath products and enjoying some success selling her creations on a small scale. 

Robyn realized that she needed to know more about the processes of natural beauty to be able to progress any further. With support from her encouraging partner, Robyn began to expand her knowledge and see what other opportunities were open to her.

“Life happened and I needed to find a new career!”

A new career path; the dream of launching a natural skincare brand

Skincare products remained a staple in Robyn’s cupboard. As she loved to look after her skin, she focused her research on face washes, toners, cleansers and serums. She scoured the internet for information, watched online tutorials and read blogs. 

As useful as this self-taught knowledge was, she soon found herself overwhelmed by the information online. Especially when it came to raw ingredients – Robyn had no idea that her home country, South Africa, has some great suppliers

She knew she needed structure to help her achieve her goals and fulfill her potential. 

“The internet is great, don’t get me wrong, and internet research served its purpose until I realized I needed more. Going into this field, you need to study, you need professional advice and guidance from cosmetic scientists, formulators and people with the right knowledge and experience.”

How To Turn Your Passion for Skincare Into a Career Student success stories

Why the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation was the perfect fit

As soon as Robyn started researching online schools and courses, the School of Natural Skincare was at the top of her search results. 

“I was blown away with what I could learn – and was desperate to join the School and get accredited”.

Robyn was amazed by how much detail had gone into the courses and could see exactly what she would study. It was a dream come true – covering everything she needed in a comprehensive manner. 

Robyn enrolled in courses that built on her existing knowledge, starting with the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. Later, she took the Advanced Certificate in High Performance Serum Formulation.

“For me, the most important thing is to get enrolled on a course that can impart all this knowledge, teach you the right way and give you the right information.” 

The School of Natural Skincare was the perfect fit for Robyn and she has not looked back. 

“My knowledge has come on in leaps and bounds from where I was, when I had no idea how I would even start!”

Life as a School of Natural Skincare student

Studying with the School of Natural Skincare was enjoyable! Robyn suggests that all students should immerse themselves and enjoy the process. Studying isn’t just about learning the theory, it is about doing and testing, too. In the beginning, she says, you will most likely remake products, but this should be enjoyed, because that’s how you learn! 

“I needed to be taught properly, to gain experience and prove to customers that I’ve been professionally trained, with an accreditation behind my name.”

Robyn also has some advice about course choice. She says,

How To Turn Your Passion for Skincare Into a Career Student success stories


“If you can, go on all the courses – gain as much knowledge as you can!”

Robyn started with the Diploma of Natural Skincare Formulation. After that, her thoughts turned to pricing her products, so she enrolled on Price Your Beauty Products for Profit. Then she completed the Certificate in Preservative-Free Face Mask and Cleanser Formulation to add more knowledge to her business. 

After these, she felt she needed to take her knowledge to the next level. That’s when she enrolled on the Advanced Certificate in High Performance Serum Formulation

“It’s an incredible course to add to the other phenomenal courses I had already completed – and I’ve been able to add more products to my skincare range because of it!”

Developing her own natural skincare products

When it comes to the products Robyn makes and uses, there is one thing that tops the list of importance; the right ingredients. When she gets an idea for a new product, there is a lot of thought that goes into what ingredients to use. 

“I research to see which ingredients will be the perfect choice for the new product. I need to know everything about the ingredient”.

How To Turn Your Passion for Skincare Into a Career Student success stories

It’s important to Robyn that her ingredients are of the highest quality. It is also important for her to support locally owned small businesses when it comes to ingredients. 

“The suppliers I use have great quality ingredients and my products always come out the way I picture them – the proof is in the skin”. 

How To Turn Your Passion for Skincare Into a Career Student success stories

A dream come true; the launch of her own natural skincare business

Robyn had believed that her love for making bath products was the end point for her small business. But it turned out to be the beginning of realizing her ultimate passion for formulating and making natural skincare products! 

Once, she thought that she would miss buying other people’s products – she now knows that nothing feels better than creating her own. 

“Looking back now I laugh, because I would not trade making my own products for anything in the world.”


Did Robyn think this career was possible 20 years ago? Absolutely not. But her passion and hard work has paid off and – while the path was a little winding – her range is almost ready to launch. She’s now excited to be able to introduce Masters Natural Skincare to the world.

At the School of Natural Skincare we’re extremely proud to have helped so many passionate natural lovers like Robyn to create their own natural cosmetics! 

We’re excited to have been able to help thousands of students worldwide to realise their dream of making their own professional quality natural & organic skincare products and we’re delighted to see so many going on to launch their own natural beauty brands!

Our students bring so much passion, desire and enthusiasm for this subject and we help them by providing the professional instruction, up to date information, and industry standards. With both of these two important factors – passion and correct instruction – our students are able to create professional quality natural cosmetic products for a fraction the price of shop bought brands and many go on to establish their own natural skincare businesses or beauty brands. 

Our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is a comprehensive curriculum that inspires students to be creative and authentic with their hobby and passion for natural beauty. The course teaches them the practice, art and science of natural skincare formulation, which means they build the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to be independent creators of their own masterpieces!



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How To Turn Your Passion for Skincare Into a Career Student success stories

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How To Turn Your Passion for Skincare Into a Career Student success stories

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