At different times in our lives, we can all feel that strong desire to make a change. To make a fresh start, turn the page, reinvent ourselves.

But when you’re thinking about taking a new path in your life, the first step can be the hardest, mainly because taking your whole life in a new direction can take a lot of time and a lot of energy.

In addition to that, if you’ve got kids to look after and bills to pay, finding the time and energy to start something new can feel like a real challenge.

Spoorthi Reddy is a 32 year old software professional. She’s also a full time mom with two young kids aged 10 and 3 so she really does have her hands full!


But Spoorthi has always had this passion in her, to try and do something more.


Even with a full-time job that she loves and two little ones she loves even more, Spoorthi had been feeling there was something missing, that her life was somehow incomplete.

But she just couldn’t figure out what it was that was missing in her life. If anything, she had too many things she was interested in, and no idea which one would fill that gap.

In the very few hours of spare time she had, she tried just about everything under the sun. She tried music, interior design, cooking, baking, even event management. Some things she started, but soon lost interest. Others simply didn’t do it for her.

For most of her life Spoorthi says she had little or no interest in skincare. But when her children were born, it suddenly became very important to her what she was putting on their skin. She wanted to use only the best products, but was never really happy with any of the products she was buying.

And that’s when she made the decision to try and see if she could learn to create her own skincare products for them.

Spoorthi started doing research, and the more she found out, the more she started loving it. Before long before she realised that this was it. The very thing she’d been looking for. She had found something she could pour all her passion into. Her search was over and her destination was suddenly crystal clear.


She realised that what she wanted in her life was to launch her own skincare line.


But even though she’d had the magic “lightbulb moment” we all hope for, the real challenge was only just beginning.

And the first hurdle she had to face was the people she loved most. Her family.

“I come from a typical Indian family, and it’s never easy for Indian women to get into business. I had to convince everyone that my first priority would always be my family and my financial stability, and my business would be my last priority.”

Spoorthi was the only one who really understood just how important it was to her to start her own skincare brand.


And she knew she had to find a way to do it.

So she committed to keep her full time job, leaving herself only the limited time remaining in her day to start her new adventure.

So every day, after finishing up all of her responsibilities, Spoorthi is only able to start doing research or lab work at 10:00 pm at night. And that’s what she’s been doing. Working until 2 am in the morning, doing whatever she can between attending to her 10 month old baby who’s still waking up frequently through the night. But far from being exhausted by this schedule, she’s energised by it.

“It is a challenge for me, but I love it. Every bit of it. It’s only increased my will power to be a successful entrepreneur.”

She started her journey by enrolling on the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products, and completing it successfully. Now, she plans to take many more courses to learn everything she needs to achieve her dream.

“I know this is like the ocean and there is a lot to learn. I will be taking more courses mainly Diploma courses in both skin and hair care to come up with the best possible formulas I can for Indian skin types. And I will continue to work on testing and licensing so that I can be ready with everything to fight with the competitors when the market is back to normal.”

And we wish her every success for her future.


Spoorthi, you’re an inspiration to all of us!


(And, amazingly, she found time in her busy schedule to answer a few questions!)

Q: Why did you choose to start making your own skincare?

A: Once my daughter had very dry chapped lips and I didn’t want to use the store bought lip balm as I wanted a complete natural balm, so I did little research and made a lip balm which worked perfectly and her lips got healed immediately. I loved the entire process of researching the ingredients, preparing my own product and watching my little first client use it and seeing how she benefited from it.

It’s like almost instantly I fell in love with making skincare products and my love only grew with every passing stage. That is when I decided: THIS IS THE ONE FOR ME. This is the thing which my heart has been searching for and I am never going to look back.

Q: Have you got any tips for aspiring natural cosmetic formulators about starting to make their own products in the US?

A: I got some good information to start with from School of Natural Skincare support groups and articles. I am trying hard to gather all possible information from different sources on legal guidelines and licenses for making my own products.

Q: Why did you decide to study with us?

A: While looking to do a course in skincare, I found your school which is affordable for me and I loved the course structure. The Certificate in Natural Skincare was the perfect first step for me and was the right decision to take. I will definitely do more courses as and when I have the budget for it.

Q: What’s important for you in terms of the products you make and use?

A: 100% Organic products, Stability of the product and the results which the product promised. These are the most important things for me.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

A: If making my own skincare products is the best decision I made then enrolling in your course is also the best decision I made as it took me in the right direction to reach my goal but it doesn’t stop here because there is no end to learning. I am going to do most of the courses available with you!

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