Virginija Stukaite-Laniauskiene is set to embrace the current trend for no-fuss natural haircare products by launching her unique and covetable range of shampoo bars from her Surrey-based haircare company, Vivi Spiritus Lab

Virginija’s journey began when she was looking for a shampoo that really suited her own haircare needs. She wanted a product that nourished her hair and contained purely natural ingredients, without the need for synthetic fragrances or parabens. 

Quality haircare for all the family

Virginija also had her family in mind in her quest for natural haircare. Her daughter had also struggled to find a nourishing shampoo for her curly hair.


A Haircare Business Built from a Natural Passion Student success stories

So not only did Virginija need the perfect shampoo for herself, it also became a family quest to find the ideal formula for her daughter’s hard-to-care-for tresses. And so began a search for a haircare solution to suit all hair types.

A Haircare Business Built from a Natural Passion Student success stories

Although Virginija discovered there were a lot of natural shampoos on the market, none of them really grabbed her attention as the perfect choice for either her or her daughter. She wanted products that touched her heart and truly inspired her, she explains:

“I wanted to develop the perfect go-to products that gave great results as part of an easy yet pampering haircare routine.”

Virginija also wanted products that reduced waste. She felt that the often large and cumbersome single-use shampoo bottles contained excess amounts of plastic. The hunt was on for a product that not only cleaned and nourished her hair, but was also kind to the environment. 

The ultimate shampoo solution

This is where shampoo bars came in. When Virginija first saw one of these compact hair cleansing wonders, she was inspired by their eco-friendly nature. There was no need for a plastic bottle and they were small enough to carry around, making them ideal for shampooing on the go! 

Virginija realised that shampoo bars were the perfect travel-friendly haircare solution, making them a really carefree and versatile choice. Now all she had to do was make a shampoo bar from quality natural ingredients that would bring the shining results she longed for!

From kitchen table to brand launch

Virginija had already begun experimenting with making shampoo bars in her kitchen, using other people’s recipes. She gave some samples to friends and they loved them. The word got out and they shared her efforts online, which quickly went viral! 

But the key for Virginija was to formulate and make her own shampoo bar. This is where the knowledge from our in-depth haircare courses would become invaluable. Virginija said:

A Haircare Business Built from a Natural Passion Student success stories

“I no longer wanted to follow other people’s recipes but use my beauty formulation skills and creative intuition to develop my own truly natural products.”

Virginija decided to explore her eco shampoo bar idea further and enroll on courses at the School of Natural Skincare. She chose the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products, followed by the Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation in order to gain expertise in creating natural haircare products. 

She gained a huge amount of knowledge from the course and is now ready to launch her own haircare brand Vivi Spiritus Lab

A Haircare Business Built from a Natural Passion Student success stories

At one with nature

We asked Virginija to sum up her natural haircare journey. Apart from appreciating the beauty benefit of using nourishing organic ingredients, we asked what it was that really drove her to create products inspired by nature. She simply said,

“I believe in nature. We have to use its resources wisely in order to gain true benefits.”

She explains that using natural and sustainable ingredients is not only great for us, but is crucially less harmful to nature in the long run. She sees it as a balanced relationship, where we utilize nature’s resources in a respectful way and gain abundant rewards. 

Another concern of Virginija’s was how to help people who suffer from allergies and skin conditions at a very young age, which can often be aggravated by synthetic cosmetic ingredients. 

Synthetic chemicals do not heal our skin or hair, and in some cases irritations can even be brought on by products that contain chemicals. Virginija understood that cheap synthetic shampoos may give instant results, but they may not be optimum in the long-term. 

The brand’s story

So what is the driving force behind Virginija’s brand? She says making a difference in people’s lives is key to her. She also wants to inspire her customers to live an eco-friendly life and learn to utilize natural resources. She is encouraged by the great feedback she gets about her range, which inspires her to create new products. 

A Haircare Business Built from a Natural Passion Student success stories

Virginija says that the positive feedback is in fact the greatest thing about creating her brand. Her customers have told her that their hair is shinier and stronger after using one of her shampoo bars. They also love the fragrance and shape of her products. She says,

“I feel connected to my customers through my products. Their understanding that the natural ingredients and organic formulas work wonders for their hair inspires me.”

Finally, we asked Virginija to explain why she decided to study with us at the School of Natural Skincare. She said that she researched a variety of courses and went for the best ones available; our Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products and our Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation.

She particularly liked the fact that our courses taught students how to make formulations from purely natural ingredients. She also felt secure in the fact that our courses are recognized and accredited.

Virginija recommends our courses for beginners too:

“The courses may help people to recognise a passion for natural haircare and skincare, which can then be turned into a successful business.”

To explore the range of Vivi Spiritus Lab Shampoo Bars available, visit 

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A Haircare Business Built from a Natural Passion Student success stories

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