Ever wanted to make your own specialized haircare products at home? You can! 

Shampoos and conditioners are, of course, two of the most popular things we teach our students how to make in the Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation course, but they definitely aren’t the only things! Here we have a sneak preview of ten amazing natural hair products you can learn how to make for yourself, your friends and family, or even for your own haircare product line. 

#1: Hair Masks and Butters

There are so many hair masks that you can make at home, ones that are safe, effective, and use wonderful natural and organic ingredients. In the Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation course, we share a few we love, including a cleansing clay mask and a luxurious monoi beauty butter which can be used as a pre-wash treatment as well as a leave-in conditioner, but when you take the course, you’ll also learn the why of creating your own hair mask formulations from scratch: What ingredients to use, how much, and how to combine them to create truly customized products. 

#2: Hair Oil

A luxurious mixture of emollient butters and oils, hair oil is a great way to nourish the hair and scalp—and you can learn how to incorporate all kinds of specialized active ingredients and essential oils to make it truly customized to your hair’s needs. We provide an amazing hair oil formulation in our diploma course that’s wonderful for stimulating hair growth! 

#3: Hair Wax

Ever thought about making your own styling products? You can! Instead of picking up a product from the shelf, packed with all kinds of things you can’t identify, you can make your own natural, organic hair wax with the amount of hold you want, the scent you want, the feel and packaging you want, right in your own home! 

#4: Hair Gel

Speaking of styling products, yes you can make your own hair gel as well. In the Diploma course, you can find out how easy it is to create a hair gel using the organic, natural, vitamin-enriched hair gel to add a medium-strong hold and a clear shine to your styling routine. (And you’ll also learn how to make sure that your water-based styling products and treatments stay safe and free from any spoiling, by learning about natural options for preservatives!)

#5: Dry Shampoo

It’s one of those things that people swear by between washes to keep their hair fresh, oil-free, and smelling great. Combining oil-absorbing ingredients with powdered botanicals and clays, you can customize a dry shampoo that will get you through the week without feeling like your hair is weighed down by either product or oil. 

#6: Scalp Scrub

When it’s time to detox your hair and get off all of the product build-up, make yourself a scalp scrub that invigorates and cleans without stripping your hair or damaging it. Using natural ground walnut shells as an exfoliator and a beautiful citrus scent, our Citrus Scalp Scrub might just be the thing you need for your routine… and you can get a free recipe for it right here!   

#7:  Anti Frizz Spray

Humidity can be an absolute menace to hair that’s prone to frizzing. Learn how to make an anti-frizz spray that uses all-natural ingredients and doesn’t weigh your hair down, so you can look your best—and feel proud that you made it yourself!

#8: Scalp Serum

Customers are searching for scalp serums that treat their most troublesome issues—dandruff, dry skin, irritation, sensitivity, hair loss. You can learn how to make natural, organic, or cruelty-free serums that meet those needs and don’t compromise on your values. 

#9: Salt Spray

Get that free-spirited, beachy look without having to pack the cooler for a beach trip. We have an amazing recipe for a quick salt spray that adds volume and texture to fine hair. Add in a touch of your chosen essential oil to customize your product for your existing line, or to evoke a memory or feeling—the choice is yours!

#10: Heat Protection Spray

An essential product in anyone’s haircare routine, if you’re using heat to dry and style your hair. Heat-protectant sprays are great for guarding hair from heat damage. Learn what ingredients help strengthen and protect your hair before you style it, and add nourishing moisture to your strands so they’re always looking their best!

Our Diploma in Haircare Formulation provides all of this information and more! Start learning how to make your own haircare products today—safely, naturally, and using the best quality ingredients, to create products that you and your customers will love.

Free Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Recipe Book

Learn to make your own natural shampoos & conditioners with luxurious natural ingredients.


Download this fabulous book and discover recipes for:

  • Cocoa Butter and Patchouli Solid Shampoo Bar
  • Shea and Coconut Conditioner for Dry Hair
  • Monoi Beauty Butter for Hair
  • Vanilla and Benzoin Solid Conditioner Bar
  • Gentle Aloe and Chamomile Liquid Shampoo for normal hair

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